Early Adopter Program


- 20 early adopters

- Price: 375€ per BADDY DIY Kit

- Duration: 3 months

- Goal: Launch BADDY DIY movement. Build the community. Collect data usages, issues, best practices, gain experience and share among the community



Read conditions &Register


Read conditions &Register





Receive BADDY

Mount it, use it


End of the program

Wrap up

limit date:

End of November 2017

Target date:

End of December 2017

After 3 months


- Be the first to receive BADDY DIY Kit ( first deliveries targeted end of December 2017)

- Online tutorial available, BADDY makers forum

- Support on BADDY critical parts: plastic mechanics, motors, batteries during the program (see disclaimer below)

- Learn to make, maintain and play with BADDY.

- The opportunity to develop BADDY locally, in your region by becoming a leasing partner


- Targeted delivery dates for DIY kit may shift (delay from 3rd party suppliers, freight, etc.) - despite insurance and our efforts to secure supply chain

- You accept to be a pioneer: You will face bugs, which you will share with the community (forum)

- Warranty on critical parts, during the 3 months' program duration:

   * Plastic mechanics: retainer, switch, wheels

   * Motors + ESCs

   * Battery

After the EA program, parts will be made available, either:

   * To produce yourself in a Fablab/Makerspace (plans available online)

   * To purchase online on BADDY website

- Wheels and batteries will have intermediate designs (vacuum casting for wheels, 3rd party Li-ion battery pack CE Rohs certified)

   * Potential limited durability

   * Clear shots Right and Left won't have high divergence (they will mainly hit the center of the court)

- Features not yet available for BADDY DIY EA program:

   * Battery level warning on GO BADDY app: As of today, when running out of battery, BADDY wheels stop (security stop to prevent Lion battery to discharge below a security threshold that could damage battery)

   * Statistics on GO BADDY app

- GO BADDY app is available on Android only at the moment: you need to have the right phone. IOs availability is scheduled in early 2018

- Get ready to tinker. This program is for makers and people used to DIY approach. Experienced makers need 3 hours to mount a BADDY. It could take up to 6 hours for beginners.

- Mounting and using a BADDY DIY kit involves risks that you must be aware of. By purchasing a BADDY, you have read and agreed with the disclaimer, terms and conditions available here

- Tools are not included in the DIY kit: soldering kit, glue, screw driver

- See BADDY DIY EA program detailed specifications here

- You agree with BADDY data policy conditions written here

Have read and agree? order your BADDY!

* In consideration for purchasing a BADDY DIY (Do It Yourself) kit, you hereby release BADDY, it's trustees, it's agents or representatives from any and all liability, and agree to not raise any claims, or institue any legal action against BADDY, it's representatives or agents based upon any cause of action that arises out of or in connection with mounting and/or using a BADDY DIY kit. This release shall apply to any loss or damage and to any personal injury that you may encounter, including, without being limited to, any loss, damage or injury sustained or allegedly sustained to negligent acts or omissions of BADDY agents or representatives.

You fully understand and assume all of the risks, dangers and responsibilities connected with mounting and using a BADDY DIY kit. You also agree to assume responsibility for any and all damages which arise out of or in connection with mounting or using BADDY DIY kit for this purpose.