We want to enable everyone, anywhere, to build, maintain, and enjoy BADDY



Work in progress

includes all parts to build your BADDY

(electronics, mechanics, battery, screws set etc.)  

not included (tools, screw driver etc.)




BADDY feeder - capacity 30 shuttlecocks

* Colors subject to change


BADDY tripod


Online tutorials

How to

BADDY makers forum


- BADDY launcher is established under GNU GPL v3 license for embedded software and CERN OHL V1.1 for hardware parts


- Plastic and feather shuttlecocks compatible

- Autonomy: 90min *

- Size: 25x20x20cm (without feeder)

- Weight: 4Kg

- 9 standard strokes available: Drops, Drives, Clears in 3 directions Left, Center, Right - for early adopter program, Clear strokes are available in Center direction only.

- Max strokes frequency:

  • 2 per second (consecutive strokes of same type)

  • 1 per second (consecutive strokes of different types)

- Rally configuration:

  • Combination of maximum 5 different stroke types

  • Loop mode (loop the playing sequence in defined order)

  • Random mode (let BADDY select strokes on the fly from the strokes you have chosen)

* Measured autonomy

Current BADDY

court coverage

  • Less divergence/eccentrity on Clear and Drop shots

  • In order to reach corners at the rear of the court, you have to orient BADDY to the Left/Right side of the court you want to focus on

  • Putting BADDY on the floor augments drop shots eccentricity, but reduces the reach (Clear shots not reaching the rear of the court when BADDY used without tripod - miss 1 meter)

Warrantied parts

- Batteries:​ 6 months

- For Early adopter program only: Warranty special conditions, see details in EA program conditions

Technical components highlights

- Li-ion battery 12V, charger 2A

- Brushless motors /ESC, Servo motors 5Kg

- Open source electronics (Arduino based or Raspi)

- Bluetooth connectivity

- Wood materials (woody version: MDF/internal structure + real wood veneer mouldings)

- Plastic materials: PMMA, ABS and PLA (for 3D printed parts)

- Acrylic thermoplastic wheels (engineering ongoing on the shore to improve performances and longevity)


- GO BADDY app: Android, device format: smartphone

Roadmap features - future*


- Battery low level alert on GO BADDY app - as of today, when running low battery, BADDY wheel are stopping. This feature enables you to monitor the battery level remotely and check how energy left available

- BADDY Statistics:

  • Count number of strokes

  • Stroke type dispersion: Drop/Drive/Clear

  • Balance dispersion: Left/Center/Right

- Players objectives: Set your goals

  • Number of strokes

  • Distance (bêta) - approximates the distance you have run from your stroke sequence history

- Social:

  • Share your playing sequence, statistics, objectives on Facebook

- BADDY BAG: Personalisable bag to transport your BADDY, feeder, rackets and shuttlecocks in a cool manner!

- GO BADDY app add-ons:

  • Tchat functionality

  • Social media page: profile, trainings, tips and tricks etc.

- GO BADDY app for Smartwatch (Apple, Samsung)

- Hit-me functionality: BADDY detects when hit by a shuttle, enabling new gaming and fun possibilities!

- And many others!!

* BADDY roadmap features and releases feature scope and specifications may change depending on BADDY community needs and votes. It's important to vote for your preferred features so that BADDY roadmap and evolution reflects what its users need!


In consideration for purchasing a BADDY DIY (Do It Yourself) kit, you hereby release BADDY, it's trustees, it's agents or representatives from any and all liability, and agree to not raise any claims, or institue any legal action against BADDY, it's representatives or agents based upon any cause of action that arises out of or in connection with mounting and/or using a BADDY DIY kit. This release shall apply to any loss or damage and to any personal injury that you may encounter, including, without being limited to, any loss, damage or injury sustained or allegedly sustained to negligent acts or omissions of BADDY agents or representatives.

You fully understand and assume all of the risks, dangers and responsibilities connected with mounting and using a BADDY DIY kit. You also agree to assume responsibility for any and all damages which arise out of or in connection with mounting or using BADDY DIY kit for this purpose.

Risks encountered (not exhaustive):

BADDY is a robot, it must be used with caution:

motors spin at 5000rpm, never ever put your hands inside BADDY when switched on

Shuttlecock's speed when shot may reach 150km/h

Kids shall not use BADDY without surveillance, never put your hands in it when switched on, stay at the other side of the court when playing (Keep the net between you and BADDY)

BADDY components are potentially dangerous. Manipulate it properly:

Don't manipulate a broken plastic part: you may cut yourself and be seriously wounded

Batteries are made of Lithium ion: Never open a battery, never put water on it (explosion), charge your battery using appropriate charger

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